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Providing you with Marriage counselling for Couples, Pre-marital and other Family Relationship therapy.

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Conveniently located in SUBIACO, and Perth Hills near Midland.

Imago Marriage Therapy & other methods are used for Relationship enhancement; to prepare for marriage and repair relationships. EMDR heals Trauma , PTSD & Other problems.

When did you last express Appreciations to your partner?

Do you feel like you have started to take each other for granted? Stuck in a rut?

Revitalise your relationship with only a few sessions in Imago Therapy.

We teach skills to keep your relationship alive, growing, exciting, rewarding and meeting your needs in the way that YOU need.

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You may like to read my Trauma Self-help books, which can be purchased directly using the Order form or simply email or phone 0417 997 016.

Do you know how to give your Partner real Joy?

Whether you believe in Valentine Day or not, it does highlight the need to spoil and celebrate each other. Hopefully, its more often than once a year!

But do you know what will delight your partner most?

Have you been disappointed by previous attempts?

Imago Couple Counselling focusses on improving the quality of relationships, rekindling the romance which brought you together as well as learning great communication and empathy skills. More info here Imagine having a really clear idea of how to really make your partner/spouse delighted, happy and feeling loved & cherished.

We have proven ways to facilitate more romance, and you getting the love you need.

Treat yourselves to a Coaching session today. Ph 0417 997 016. Please just leave a message with your phone number and I will phone you back within 24 hrs, if I miss your phonecall. Francess @ Couple-Counselling PerthFrancess Day is a fully qualified Imago Relationship Therapist, with degrees in Psychology [1st class Honours], Behavioural Studies, Health, Education and Addiction Studies along with extensive work experience.  I can also teach you  Emotional Freedom Techniques [EFT]. In 2010, I completed a year of Masters in Clinical Psychology.

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing [EMDR] is a mosst powerful therapy will take the pain and stress out of your  traumatic experiences, help with panic and anxiety.  Ask me about it today.

Motivational Interviewing will assist you to get round to making the changes that you want to make. Voice Dialogue  work helps you identify the dominant messages you tell yourself,  and adjust the unhelpful ones. I look forward to helping you.

What Age Child – Parent Relationships does it work with?

Never too old…. my first mother-daughter clients were 82 and 63 year old.!   What a break-through and a whole new level of understanding and care for each other. Dept. of Child Protection clients as young as 9 and 13 year old learned about each other’s differences and how to respect and appreciate the other despite their differences [eldest had sub-clinical Aspergers]. I helped a mother break the news to her 9 year old daughter that she was leaving a 10 year  old lesbian relationship. The discussion addressed reasons why and how shared parenting and living arrangements would be; along with empathising with the daughter’s  feelings and questions.  You can have customised coaching based on recognised training almost immediately. PHONE TODAY 0417 997 016

Separation doesn’t have to be a War

Come and share your feelings in a safe, healing way, first. Imagine being one of those families who manage the process in a kind, respectful, caring way. The impact on your family and friends can be positive admiration instead of the avoidance and pain that is too often associated with separation. By sorting through all these issues in counselling first, it will cost you less once you get to the official stage – and you will be a lot happier as a family.

We can help you with Mediation to resolve disputes about property, childcare and other issues in a respectful and eventually healing way. Letting pain and hurt turn into anger and legal action only causes more  painful damage especially to your children who need their parents to at least work together in parenting cooperatively. If at least one party is happier about separating, all that the children want in compensation for a broken family is no more  conflict. This is good modelling for their future relationship choices and development.  Check out an exact comparison of costs and timings for using mediation or using the court system. Learn more about Mediation.

Premarital Counselling?

Better safe than sorry!  Reduce the chance of divorce by 30%

Decide if this Relationship is going to work

Imago Therapy is

    • Perfect for PreMarital Preparation
  • Repairing Stressed Relationships with Defacto, Married Couples, Homosexual couples & Parent-Child relationships

Is it possible to be how we were in the beginning?

Couple Counselling can show you how to reactivate some of the Romance and Fun of those early days and years of your relationship. As you know, the initial excitement and attractions of your partner fades after a few years. This is really because the effort fades, and we put our focus and energy into other things.  Imagine enjoying each other like you first did – again now?


What Is Imago? — an introduction to Imago by Harville Hendrix

What Is Imago? — an introduction to Imago by Alan Williams

FIFO family relationship improvement skills  & resources

FIFO families have unique challenges and Imago marriage counselling gives you the skills to communicate your feelings and opinions and needs in a way that can be heard, understood, respected in a way that is more likely to be  responded to by other family members.

Special 33% off your next Session when another couple who you referred attends couple counselling with me. The best results occur when somebody attends after being recommended by you.

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