Pre-marital counselling Truths rather than mythology

Pre-marital counselling is the best insurance policy.

Why would you spend so much money on the things that people do for weddings,

And not spend relatively nothing on Safe-guarding your Relationship?

Prepare yourselves to Grow from challenges

Wisdom is entering an agreement with eyes wide open, not with rose-coloured glasses or blinkers

People who understand the challenges, and how to deal with conflict will avoid the disappointment of wedding night blues or fights. In fact, each difference of opinion will strengthen understanding, empathy and wisdom.

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Have you heard of the variety of Honeymoon Disasters?

When expectations run high, and more alcohol is consumed – your safest insurance against disappointment or disaster is to really know and understand your partner’s weaknesses as well as their strengths.


Do you know what your partner needs most when s/he is vulnerable?

Do you know how to give it when s/he is already upset with you?


Advanced Communication processes

During Pre-marital coaching you learn and practice these skills so that you can handle any disagreement, fight or simmering unhappiness.

Too often one person is or becomes the peace-keeper; and gives in.  Resentment builds up and when it erupts it is often too late for counselling. The passive person has already had enough and just wants out of the relationship. They may have already begun an affair!

Couple Premarital Counselling Perth

Couple Pre-marital Counselling Perth

Imago Relationship coaching assists both partners to express themselves in a way that they are heard and taken seriously. Communication shouldn’t be hard work or unbearable. There’s a listenable way which strengthens the relationship.

Six weeks of preparation can also help the negotiations about the wedding go more smoothly 🙂

Can you afford not to do Pre-marital Counselling & Preparation?

It makes sense to be confident and practiced in these skills when investing so much and your very Life!

Insure your relationship & your life – phone 0417 997 016 today

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