The Support Group will recommence April 2018, and a 2 day Relaxation Retreat is on 5-6 May 2018…. so DO PLEASE EMAIL to register šŸ™‚

PleaseĀ call us on 0417 997 016, to arrange a visit toĀ us, or just go ahead and fill in our contact form below.

Where are we situated?

Loch St, North Perth

Loch St, North Perth


Please put your phone number in the message box

because many reply emails bounce back & then I have no way of replying to you. I’m a counsellor and so far cannot work out why or how to create a box for you to put your phone number.

I value your inquiry and check emails daily, but if your inquiry is more urgent – please phone 0417 997 016.

We’d love to hear from you!Ā 

Loch St, North Perth

Loch St, North Perth

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