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Spring is Nest & Growth Time

Spring into the excitement of your early relationship times now.

Everywhere birds and every other living creature is connected with their partner creating new life – being together expressing their love.

Spring Magnificence

Spring Magnificence

What has happened to Human’s Priorities?

Are you too busy to make a date?

When was the last time you went for a walk together, sat together to marvel at something beautiful and expressed something to your partner to make them feel special – your favourite person.

Spring is irresistible

Check out the little park photos and videos captured on

if you don’t have time to walk around to your local park or nature reserve.

The real experience gives you the feel, smells, sounds, sights and flower perfumes will have you salivating.

MAKE A DATE TODAY with your partner to walk and sit in your local garden or nature reserve.

Need Help to Revive the Excitement?

Ph 0417 997 016 TODAY for a few coaching sessions. We are the experts in reconnecting people by teaching you a communication style to revive the emotions which brought you together.

When you understand what has happened to the excitement, you will naturally generate solutions that suit both of you.

Believe in Spring

Believe in Spring


People have brought real pessimistic partners because it’s really hard to tell people how and what to do.

We just get on and SHOW YOU, and in my experience even the most pessimistic persons have found it hard to resist becoming involved in the process.

That’s how good it is to HAVE A GO. What have you got to lose?


Does it take Losing your Partner?

Too often somebody will phone for an appointment after their partner has left or threatened to do so.

Why paddle upstream?

When people have made a decision, they will be committed to justifying that decision.

Take charge before it’s too late.  Ph 0417 997 016 today ?

Spring clean your Relationship

Spring clean is when we take everything out, decide how useful things are to you in the present and what you need to replace.  When we start a new relationship, we hide away our behaviours which have attracted criticism in our earlier life. As we get comfortable in the relationship, these behaviours creep back and arguments start.

Have old bad habits sneaked back into your lifestyle?

Spring clean the prickly old bad habits

marriage conflict

marriage conflict

out of your marriage, or other important relationships.

If it seems harder than getting past all the obstacles in this picture, and feels like a mountain too steep and sheer to climb… email or give us a phone call 0417 997 016 for some friendly coaching.

Become each other’s Greatest Fan

Imago Coaching teaches you the communication process to resolve any conflict. We empower you in skills which make us redundant after you’ve both practised the process in a few sessions.  While we are doing that, we RESOLVE THE CORE ISSUES 🙂


Bridge to Harmony

Bridge to Harmony

Conflict breeds New Growth

By building a bridge and walking in each other’s shoes for a few minutes, we understand what the prickles are all about. We all carry pain that we protect ourselves with some form of defense.

When we understand what the defensive prickle armour is protecting, we can make it safer for the tenderness to blossom.

We do this by using a thorough spring clean approach where all the issues are simply listed, rated just like listing legs, arms, eyes, ears etc. Then we spring clean the ones that you choose first….

Make this Spring a Time for your Relationship to Blossom and Grow

If you’ve tried anything other than Imago Relationship coaching, and not been satisfied – its time to come to the expert relationship counsellor.

You’ll find there’s lots of beautiful big blossoms between the prickles, and you’ll learn to enjoy the honey from being able to negotiate the prickles and connect with the tender beauty of each person.

Enjoy the Honey

Enjoy the Honey

We don’t need a million eyes to see and understand the defenses of our partner, it’s simply learning how to approach and connect with each other in the way that the other needs.

Love in the way your partner needs and be loved in the way that you need 🙂

It’s the little things that count

Try a little kindness by cultivating a habit to appreciate your partner, child, parent or sibling daily. This forces us to balance our perspective, even if you may be going through a difficult time. It’s a good idea to open a serious chat with an appreciation, then use the Imago conflict resolution process to address issues.  In Imago therapy, we believe that each conflict is the opportunity to learn and grow.

Try a little kindness

If you are looking for a little bit of immediate inspiration as to how you might go about beginning to try little acts or  words of kindness, check out this out:- or you can send me a message through the contact page.

To book an appointment for some Imago Coaching, pick up the phone and give me a call 🙂

Value Special Moments

Value Special Moments

Do you remember what brought you together?

It might be time to list all the things which attracted you to each other, and share that with each other. Mirroring back what your partner tells you deepens the feeling and connection of the hot early times which brought you together. Include the things that made you decide to stay together. That is what the picture leads us to…  Give it a try and let me know how you go 🙂

Connection routines

Try a little kindness by committing to spend some time having a heart to heart, eye to eye sharing of the things you appreciate or the list mentioned above – every day. It’s as important as brushing your teeth = Relationship Hygiene! Does the sweeping outside or watching TV really matter as much as giving your partner 15 mins of undivided attention?

Didn’t you get together to be together? We’ve all read or heard heart-wrenching stories like Princess Diana’s sons are currently sharing on the media – where somebody wishes that they had given a little more time to a loved one before an accident takes them away from us.  Make the most of the time we have, while we can 🙂

Words to Uplift

Words to Uplift


Relaxation is Essential for creating stability in your relationship

Relaxation is Essential for so many aspects of family life.

Rise above it all

Rise above it all

  • Good health produces inner happiness which radiates to the rest of the family
  • Peaceful times allow more intimate conversations
  • Quiet spaces help you all hear each other properly – tone, emotion and maybe dreams/wishes
Magic of Photography, Relaxation is Essential

Magic of Photography, Relaxation is Essential

Magic of Photography

Have you tried Escaping for a Holiday?

Relaxation is Essential – but how often do you find that having paid so much money for accommodation, travel, eating out… that you feel you have to see and do as much as possible to make the money worth spending?

COME & TRY De-stressing at a 2 Day RETREAT

10am 19-20th AUGUST 4pm 2017

Stillness, Peace, Relaxation

Stillness, Peace, Relaxation is Essential

Vege growing, Surprises

Vege growing, Surprises

*sharing APPs with meditation and other selfcare tools
*Learn about Essential Oils’ benefits and choose some to add to your own pot of pure body butter cream [included in the price]
+Fun art activities with a healing motive
+A healthy food smorgasbord lunch and recipes to share
+See how easy it is to grow your own veges 
+Explore the National Park and enjoy panoramic views [walking if you choose]
+Wonderful people to chat with and experience caring, nurturing support ?

Contribution of $70-150 per person according to what you can afford.
Please register on and ask for Bank Account details to transfer your registration money to
Receipts for Professional Development are available.
The hardest thing I’ll make you do is decide how much you will pay for the 2 day retreat…. between $70-150. This is so that people who normally can’t afford REtreats can come, but those who can pay more, it’s appreciated that you make your best effort.?

Learn more about these retreats, read feedback from past participants and find out what’s included

End the arguments in your relationship, by replacing negativity with curiosity

 Can curiosity be the thing that stops you and your partner from arguing?
Harville Hendrix PhD and co-creator of Imago Relationship Therapy thinks it’s one of the key ways partners can bring peace back into the relationship.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Founder of Imago Therapy Harville Hendrix PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt PhD talk about conflict as a gift and a means to growth and healing in intimate relationships.

Harville: You can’t have a great relationship unless it’s emotionally safe; it has to be predictable and reliable.

You need to be able to count on the fact that when you’re around your partner you’re not going to get hurt or be criticized, put down, or shut out.

When we first agreed to no negativity we though we needed to replace it with positivity. But that didn’t work. In the end, we replaced it with curiosity.

What does Curiousity do for your relationship?

If you’re curious about the other then it becomes exciting to learn about them and their inner world and when they open up you are able to be empathetic and they feel safe.

Safety is essential to being able to connect, and when you’re connected you enjoy living and growing together.

Shared from AIRTA Imago Relationship Therapy website

End the arguments

End the arguments

 End the arguments

This is the goal that particularly those who have been married for around 20 years usually state as most important.
“We just argue about little things, anything and everything; but we do love each other.”
One couple who attended recently, took the communication processes home and shocked their adolescent children with a complete transformation…..
They came back and said,
“It’s like we were in the beginning, so the kids have never seen us being so nice to each other!” 🙂 🙂
The week following their second appointment, they started using their newly acquired skills on those adolescents [16 – 23 years old].

Guess What Happened?

 After some resistance, the adolescents started responding in the new way.  They all loved the new positive way of caring for each other by really listening.
Later sessions looked at each parent’s strengths and they developed strategies of how meet the children’s needs in the best way to achieve success….. which is of course exactly what they achieved 🙂

Looking for help with family communication, recurring issues, and/or ongoing conflicts? Is your family stuck in a vicious cycle that you just can’t seem to get free of? Are you just completely stumped?? Family Counselling Perth offers gentle, effective counselling for families of all shapes and sizes.Parents connection affects kids

Whether you’re an individual, couple, sibling, or parent:  looking for answers to improve your family’s interaction and day to day experience is a very positive and wonderful step in the right direction. So congratulations!

Using Imago dialogue, and a range of other family friendly techniques, we provide a personal, friendly, and safe space for your family to heal.

End of Life Care

Making decisions about elderly parent’s needs?  Our counsellor, Francess Day has personal and professional experience in managing this difficult time, and using the effective Imago Therapy can facilitate your discussion sensitively. Elderly lady with helper There are documents which can be completed to ensure that your end of life wishes are carried out. At any age, we can become incapacitated.

Have you got somebody you trust organised to speak on your behalf?

With the right documents, that ‘guardian’ can direct medical staff so that you get the treatment that you do or don’t want, and they will advocate where you might live if you become severely disabled from something as simple as a car accident.  Its worth considering.  Its really important to discuss with your loved ones, and get these documents completed.

I can help you with all of this.

Call us today on 0417 997 016 to make an appointment either at North Perth or near Mundaring, or click the Contact Us above, and send us a message. We’d love to hear from you!