These are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Who will benefit most from counselling?

We believe everybody can benefit from counselling, at one stage or another of their life! We all need somebody to talk to during difficult times, but most importantly, if you have a conflicted relationship with anybody important in your life, we can offer you tools and understanding to help resolve the issues that are causing you pain, keeping you stuck, and/or more.

Locations: Subiaco and Perth Hills near Midland

The Hills venue is currently in Greenount.

New Office location at 162C  Rokeby Road Subiaco 

How much does it cost?

A Couple’s session is 1.5hours. [Tax Deductible Personal Coaching – Advanced Communication Skills]

Business Hours : $170 for 1.5hrs ;

5pm onwards or weekend is $200 for 1.5hrs

Individual sessions are 1 hour and negotiable depending on your income.

Business Hours :  between $65 [for unwaged] and $180 [for well paid] per hour

5pm onwards or weekend is charged at the higher end of the range.

Special 33% off your next Session when another couple who you referred attends couple counselling with me. The best results occur when somebody attends after being recommended by my clients.

Our business hours  

We are open from 1030am to 8.30 pm weekdays. There is a limited after hours service during Saturday afternoons, and weekday evenings between 5.00 pm and 8.00 pm for which appointments may be made. We work flexible times according to client needs at the location which best suits you.

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Do I have to come with my partner or other family member or can I just come on my own?

If your partner, family member or significant other is willing to come, this is certainly an good situation. But if you are on your own, don’t feel put off! We can help you learn skills to better communicate and equip yourself for greater emotional success on your own. You can then take these skills into your life, and start making more informed, helpful choices.

You may prefer to make an appointment alone first even if you are aiming for couple counselling if there are issues that you’d feel more comfortable discussing in private initially.

During your first appointment, we can explore what approach is best for you once we know more about you and your situation.

The people we live with impact our feelings, self esteem and life choices for a greater time than the comparatively small amount of time you spend with a counsellor. So it makes sense to include them in your counselling session if you feel you’d like to be better understood.

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