When are family members too old?

An 82 year old lady and her 63 year old daughter attended separate trauma support groups often describing the pain of misunderstandings between them. They were very close and had regular contact but had become apprehensive about another blow up. They accepted an invitation to be volunteers for my training sessions and in that first session experienced a huge break-through in deep understanding and empathy.

They continued the dialogue processes and happily demonstrated in subsequent groups which they chose to attend together.

Resolving Long-standing Depression & GriefPageLines- shutterstock_17732158.jpg

An elderly couple referred by the son of the woman, learned a new way to communicate. The woman’s grief from the early death of her first husband had developed into depression. The Imago dialogue relieved her burden of her inner experiences. Her husband was coached to give her the affirmation and understanding that she needed. The son reported back that his mother was “a new woman”.

Does it work between Children?

A male 13 year old client with sub-clinical Aspergers bullied his 9 year old brother because he considered him to be ‘weird’. During joint sessions with his warm, sensitive little brother, he came to understand that his brother was just different to  himself, like he and his foster mother were. He learned to give empathic responses and respond appropriately to his younger brother.

Marriage deepened after an Affair!

Fortunately the affair didn’t progress to sexual, however the wife was deeply hurt by her husband relying on and confiding in another woman from their social network. Being in their own business with different strengths to contribute had resulted in the manager having a problem with the other’s performance.  This resulted in a loss of the relationship respect and love, especially with the business’ other challenges overtaking conversation at home.

A number of months later, with some individual sessions in addition to the joint sessions, their relationship was even stronger than it had been prior to the difficult times. They were very happy with the new coping skills, to the point of referring many other couples from their support network.